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Company Zotye Imp & Exp Co. (Zotye International) was formed as a part of Zotye Holding Group in January 2005.

The production capacity of the company – 100 thousand. Cars a year, which she hopes to learn in the coming years.

«Zotye» – Chinese manufacturer of city cars and sedans. The company exists since 14 January 2005, and since its inception under the brand «Zotye» was released several series hatchbacks and sedans in various configurations.

Also, the company tried in 2008 to establish production of electric cars, but after a few experimental models stopped the choice on conventional gasoline car. One of the curious features of the machines of the brand «Zotye» is their low cost, the company achieved by optimizing production capacity.
Company Zotye Imp & Exp Co. (Zotye International) was formed as a part of Zotye Holding Group in January 2005.

Headquartered Zotye is located in Yongkang (Zhejiang Province), 300 km from Shanghai.

Car production is based on an area of about 1.2 km2, workforce exceeds 3,000.

The production capacity of the company – 100 thousand cars a year., But at full capacity production lines do not work: the company is only beginning, cars produced just over a year. Nevertheless, the company’s products Zotye already present in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Central America and some other regions.

Network of sales and service of cars produced by the company, already established in more than 10 countries around the world. In addition to car model Zotye 2008 / Tophy, the company manufactures and sells motorcycles, spare parts for cars and more.

A considerable attention is paid to it to promote their products to foreign markets. Production lines are equipped with the most modern equipment, which meets all the latest standards.

In January 2007, Zotye Holding Group absorbed quite well-known in China car manufacturer – company Jiangnan Auto Enteprise (Hunan).

At present the reform of the company, and produced her car jiangnan Alto will be produced and sold under the name Zotye Alto.

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