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Volvo P1800 sports car is 50 years old, the Swedish automaker has decided to “modernize” the car. However, only on paper – in a batch production run an upgraded version of the model drawn by chief designer of “Volvo” Christopher Benjamin, yet no one is going.

Some experts say that this car could easily find a buyer. The key to commercial success would be the glory of the original sports car P1800, which is considered the most attractive Volvo in the history of the Swedish brand. Volvo P1800 coupe appearance in 1957, created by designer Pelle Pettersson, in the Italian company Pietro Frua. First, the Swedes were going to start production of the model in Karmann, owned by the concern Volkswagen, however, arose during negotiations disagreement led to the need to find another partner. The serial production of the car was launched only in 1961, with cars going in the UK, in the factory of the company Jensen.

The first Volvo P1800 is equipped with petrol engine producing 100 horsepower, but in 1966 he came to replace the 115-strong unit. The car could be ordered in a body “cabriolet” and “universal”. The total circulation of P1800 for 13 years amounted to 37.5 thousand copies.
The founders of the brand Volvo Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson said: “Cars are driven people, so the main principle of which is incorporated and will always be at the heart of everything we do at Volvo, – is security.”

At the sight of Volvo cars just remember the word – the word safety.
Regardless car or truck manufactured by Volvo.

In Volvo’s great importance is paid to the safety of vehicles.
In the Volvo Group operates sick 90 000 employees. The company has factories in 19 countries and sells its products in 180 countries.

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