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The American company Tesla Motors has a short but interesting history. Engineer Martin Eberhard once pondered to combine in one car speed, and low cost of fuels and lubricants. He became acquainted with all the cars world car industry, but have not found a suitable option in the end he decided to create a similar car.

He understood the batteries, but not in the car, so he started looking for enthusiasts who would like to create a car that would be able to develop a great rate and thus did not have a lot of gasoline. In order to create a car that instead of gasoline to use other sources of energy, required a lot of money. He was looking for a long time sponsors and found them, they were famous Americans: Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Larry Page.

In 2003, the Silicon Valley company was founded under the name of Tesla Motors, which is engaged in the production of electric cars on, as well as accessories. This company was named after the famous scientist who developed his electric car. According to the legend, eccentric scientist Nikola Tesla invented his own electric car, which is powered by a mysterious energy source (ether). This was back in the distant 30s. Contemporaries did not believe a scientist and he is furious destroy his creation. And still do not know, whether there is a car in reality, though disprove this legend no one has.
It is therefore not surprising that the founders of Tesla Motors decided to name his company this way. After all, they, like Tesla, are innovators in their time.

Another co-founder was Mark Tarpenning. First, the company employs about a hundred people, and this amount is clearly not enough to get you work, so the first idea of the company Tesla Motors took looking at generating the British from Lotus Cars named Elise. In this case, the appearance of cars Americans are not particularly different from the British car (the whole point in the stuffing). Such borrowing as a result of nearly ended in scandal. In addition, the company is also engaged in poaching specialists from other companies.

For road series, which boasts the young producer, he yet is small and includes only a few models. In 2006, the world saw the first Americans called Tesla Roadster. The car accelerates to 210 km on one charge and is able to travel 400 km. You can charge it for a few hours from the usual outlets. In 2008 Tesla Roadster car was put on the mass production and it began to sell well, despite its considerable cost ($ 100,000).
In 2009, the world was introduced the concept of a new car called the Tesla Model S. Depending on the configuration, this car on one charge can travel 260 to 480 kilometers (three options batteries). Soon began its serial production.
As for the price that this car costs only $ 50,000.

Currently, Americans are working on the next project titled «BlueStar». This is the third electric car from the Americans. In February 2012, was shown crossover called the Tesla Model X. In 2013, this crossover will be collected, and in 2014 it will begin delivery. As for the cost, the crossover will be $ 30,000.

At the moment, the company’s cars are among the most environmentally friendly in the world. At this the Americans are not going to stop their plans to release a public national car on electricity.

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