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An important place in the range of products “Renault” occupy trucks: The company also joined the department of heavy trucks Citroën (Citroën), cars M. Berliet («M. Berliet»), Saviem («Savem»).

In 1996 Renault partially privatized and is now the State controls 50.1% of the company.

In 1995 model comes Next («Next” – the future), the engine which combines power with traditional fuel. Car minimally polluting.

In 1998 he established an alliance with Nissan. Sold in 2004, about 6 million. Car Alliance entered the top four global automakers.

Following the acquisition in September 1999, the Romanian company automaker Dacia, and then – in September 2000 – South Korean companies operating assets of Samsung Motors, Renault Group operates three brands: Renault, Dacia and Samsung.

2001 – Renault Laguna II – the world’s first car which has received the highest rating for safety, five stars out of five, according to the results of tests of the independent organization EuroNCAP.
Cars Renault brand is now available in France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Colombia, Slovenia, Turkey, China, Taiwan and Argentina, Morocco, Malaysia and Uruguay.

One of the key areas in recent years has been the development of models available on alternative fuels: in 2011-2013 Renault introduced the first electric cars on the market. In addition, a French manufacturer of expansion in North Africa, where today under the Renault logo has already opened the first enterprise – in Morocco and Algeria.

Key figures:

  • Today Renault represented in 128 countries.
  • Global sales of the group: 2,6M vehicles (2013).
  • 50.5% of group sales outside Western Europe.
  • 5 biggest markets group: France, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Turkey.
  • Revenues in 2013: 40,932 million euros (sale of machinery and financial services).
  • 121,807 employees.
  • 100% Renault industrial sites are certified to ISO 14001.
  • Renault – more than 10 years a leading brand in the commercial vehicle market.

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