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In March next year at the Geneva Motor Show will be held on the official premiere of the new car brand «Qoros» headquartered in China. The company will focus on the young and active, and the quality of products promises to pay special attention to.

Long gone are the days when Chinese automakers products caused jitters right century and facial muscles involuntarily distorted face unpleasant grimace. No claims to this day small car and truck, but the pace of growth and self-improvement, with which the Chinese approach to the creation of new products is impressive.

First they tried to pull themselves materiel, then they got some money, and therefore the ability to hire specially trained Europeans. Now does on the world stage comes a whole new brand, owned by China, if the control operation on the basis of several years of study of the subject, entitled “Vehicle from A to Z”.

Joking aside, the top management of the new company «Qoros Auto Co. Ltd »comprised almost entirely of Europeans, but difficult, and choice. Quite often former officials of old-world car manufacturers, such as Volker Shtaynvashera (former CEO of VW) and Klaus Shmidt (formerly Fellow BMW). But the tip, of course, is busy orthodox Asian. The key people in «Qoros» Guo Qian, COO «Chery». Actually, «Chery Automobile» and holding «Israel Corporation» divided exactly in half the young «Qoros Auto Co. Ltd »back in 2007, when the latter was created.

So what to expect from «Qoros» at the end of 2013, when its conveyor come first production car? Chinese … Sorry, the Europeans are determined: all products will certainly meet stringent environmental requirements, quality and safety standards. A design will be exclusively European. Now the company is completing a factory in China, design capacity is 150 thousand cars a year. Thus Asians have every chance of real success in the consumer.

“We have a new company, which has yet their heritage and history, which gives us an incredible advantage. We are starting with a clean slate “- says Volker Shtaynvasher. And if «Qoros» all goes according to plan, but without the excesses in pricing policy, then soon the public will have to completely change their attitude to the products of the Chinese automobile industry. After all, it is only the Chinese at par.

Most likely, based Qoros lie various models of the brand Chery, a complete set of machines is going to be very rich. Sale Qoros should start in April 2013 in China, and the end of 2013 and the model gets to Europe. Home rate will be made on young buyers, which should attract an unusual design car brand Qoros and relatively low price.

Review 2015 – 2016 Qoros 3 City SUV

Chinese new urban crossover Qoros 3 City SUV 2015-2016 model year officially presented to young Chinese-Israeli car manufacturer company Qoros Auto Co.Ltd. Start auto sales trends in China is scheduled for the next year, the price according to preliminary information will be 24-29 thousand. Dollars. New Qoros 3 becomes the third model in the new production line manufacturer from China, and will make the company Qoros 3 Sedan and Qoros 3 Hatch, developed with an eye on Europe, but it is only available to motorists in China. The company’s management hopes to bring Qoros Chinese auto news in 2015-2016, the …