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In the early nineteenth century in England invented the steam engine and carriages without horses. These strange vehicles reminiscent of horse-drawn carriages, but there is one small difference: they set in motion a sophisticated machine. From this era came to us the term “horsepower” is used today to determine the engine power.

Around 1860, the light appears an internal combustion engine. At first he works on gas-air mixture that explodes alternately from different sides inside the cylinder, forcing the piston to move back and forth. The fuel is ignited by the spark plug (Lenoir engine, mounted on a small car in 1863).

1876: German inventor Otto Daimler and developing four-stroke internal combustion engine.

In 1882 appeared the first bikes that use wheels of different sizes (1.86 m front, rear 0.40 m). Manufacture of bicycles “Peugeot” is rapidly gaining momentum.
At the dawn of the twentieth century on the stage there cars. “Peugeot” is gaining prominence as one of the founders of the shop automakers and immediately attracted the sympathy of many thanks to the amazing feats of daring young people running carriages without horses. Thus, humanity is entering an era of speed.

After World War I for the car, now mature, begins the modern era: from artisanal producer “Peugeot” turns into a real industrial plant. “Peugeot” is still amazing at racetracks and contributes that for many people dream of having a car becomes an everyday reality.

However, clouds are gathering, approaching the second world-wide conflict. This time destined to become the era of restrictions. In the dark years “Peugeot” is involved in the Resistance. When freedom triumphed again, “Peugeot” to survive in a changed world, and the story continues.

In the atmosphere of the post-war baby boom and optimism, a new Europe, prone to the consolidation and discover consumerism. This is the era of progress and prosperity. Therefore, the “Peugeot” is becoming one of the world leaders in the automotive and machine provides millions of people around the world.
To date, the lineup consists of a compact Peugeot 106; urban hatchback 206 and 306; 406 sedan and coupe at its base; 607 executive and family minivan 806. And at the Geneva Motor Show was presented a new model 307, which replaced the 306 th.

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