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Mitsubishi Motors Japanese company engaged in the production of cars, trucks, buses, a member of the Mitsubishi industrial group (the largest Japanese industrial manufacturer). The modern name of the company was in 1970 transformed from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The main office is located in Tokyo, Japan, Mitsubishi means “three diamonds”. Logo in the form of three diamonds joined together along with the company’s motto – “Mitsubishi cars are created to provide maximum driving pleasure and safety” are designed to transmit the essence of the Japanese manufacturer.

The company “Mitsubishi” was once a major corporation that is engaged in oil refining, shipbuilding, trade, real estate and many others.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Mitsubishi cars were first released in 1917, A model almost exactly copied the car Ford T.

In 1918 saw the first Japanese company truck with three diamonds on the hood Mitsubishi T1. In 1921, the company history Mitsubishi continues opening of the plant for the production of internal combustion engines. In 1931, the first Mitsubishi in Japan begins to manufacture diesel engine 450AD (Injection type). In 1935, the BD46 and BD43 buses get diesel units – the pioneers in the Japanese market. In 1937, a prototype Mitsubishi PX 33 (all-wheel drive for the army). During World War II history of the company Mitsubishi continues to release along with cars, trucks and buses as the production of military equipment and weapons. By the fall of 1945, all businesses were destroyed by Mitsubishi.

Only five years later, the company resumes production of passenger cars Mitsubishi Henry J (1951), previously issued scooters, trucks, buses and trolleybuses. In the 50-60-ies of the 20th century history of the company Mitsubishi gets rapid development, the company enters the European market. In the domestic Japanese major share of sales still account for trucks and buses. In 1960, the compact and inexpensive Mitsubishi 500, designed for the mass market.

In 1962 he started selling models Minica and Colt 600. In 1963, the first car with a body “fastback” on the Japanese islands – Mitsubishi Colt 800. In 1969, there is the founder of quality and prestige cars Mitsubishi Colt Galant. In 60-70 years of the last century, the company began to actively take part in all sorts of road racing that traditionally serves as a great way to introduce and test new technical developments.

In 1973, production of Mitsubishi Lancer, in the year 1600 prepared by the Lancer GSR takes all the prizes on the podium of the South Australian Rally Cross. In 1976, put into mass production cars Mitsubishi Galant Lambada models and Galant Sigma. In 1979 the total output of cars with three diamonds reached 1 million. In 1981, Mitsubishi enters the North American market and opens an office in the United States.
In 1982, there is a “grandfather” of the legendary Jeep – Pajero first generation, and new models – Mitsubishi Tredia, Mitsubishi Cordia and Mitsubishi Starion. In 1985 the company’s history was marked by Mitsubishi win his team Paris-Dakar rally jeep Pajero.
Mitsubishi sports achievements are impressive, we give only two facts from an extensive list of victories of the Japanese manufacturer. Mitsubishi Pajero rally different generations became the winners of the prestigious marathon Dakar – 12 !!! time (unique result and an absolute record among the participants). In 1985,1992-1993,1997-1998, 2001-2007 jeeps with three diamonds conquered difficult rally and were the first at the finish of the race. In the World Rally Championship (WRC) pilot factory team Tommi Makinen driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution became the winner for four years from 1996 to 1999 inclusive.

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