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One of the most recognizable cars in the world, Mini, managed to achieve the status of cult car in a very short period of time.

The first cars were sold under the brands Austin or Morris. It was only in 1969 Mini began selling cars under its own brand.

Cars have undergone several upgrades, and received an automatic transmission.
In 1961, John Cooper became the owner of Cooper Car Company, decided to create a more powerful car on the basis of the basic models: Mini Cooper Ostin and Mini Cooper Morris. This car had a more powerful engine of 55 liters. s., improved gearbox and disc brakes.

Good sales of the car led to the creation of even more sporting version, Mini cooper S in 1963. The second generation cars were produced between 1967 and 1970. Their honors were modified radiator grille and larger rear window.

The third generation Mini, Mark III, appeared in 1970-2000. In 2001, BMW has released a new, more technologically advanced cars badged NewMini, and in 2007 the number of cars sold reached 1 million.
This year is the “touching” of the existing brands is celebrating its 50th birthday. For half a century of existence that only MINI did not survive. Remained unchanged, only one – an extraordinary charm of British cars.
MINI boasts a history of conquering the hearts of buyers. After all, who is only a half-century of production “Minicom” not managed to get behind the wheel of these fascinating machines.

Thus, at the time not only to assess the classic Mini, but also helped him in terms of advertising the Queen of England – Elizabeth II. In 1960, she swept on it at Windsor Park. Pictures of this symbolic “test drive” immediately hit the press. Since Mini steel machines that have just had in each house. And what else? After all, the Queen approved the vehicle.

In 1964, succumbed to the charm of Mini and Enzo Ferrari. Received from an old friend Alec Issigonis in gift classic “Mini”, Enzo then have yourself won two more “mini-British.”
In the same year John Lennon, who had no more right to buy Mini for his then wife Cynthia Powell. But then almost all participants of the legendary Liverpool group “The Beatles” became the owners of this wonderful car.
Even Steve McQueen, the famous actor and race car driver, known for his passion for Porsche and Ferrari, could not resist the car Mini. Naturally, his collection has expanded sports model Mini Cooper S.
But if celebrities have expressed their love for the Mini, allocating them a place of honor in his garage, mere mortals showed a tender feeling in any other way. So, in 2000, 18 women from the British county of Birmingham decided to prove that the classic Mini is much roomier than stated by the manufacturer. They all fit (though more accurately be expressed “rammed”) in a small hatchback. Their efforts were even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. However, to hold the leaders of girls managed only four years. In 2004, enthusiasts from Athens already climbed into the modern MINI in the number of … 21 people! This record is also listed in the Guinness Book. And the Internet can find a video where MINI storm already 22 people. That’s the love!

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