Review 2015 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman

S Class Mercedes Maybach
S Class Mercedes Maybach is a great new sedan from Germany. Maybach is a German luxury brand. He was initially revived in 2002. Now we can see how Mercedes-Maybach is for us an ultra-luxurious Mercede Benz S Class.

History of Maybach car is more than 100 years. Wilhelm Maybach worked as a technical director of Daimler. Wilhelm Maybach founded a new company in 1909. This company has built engines called Zeppelin. This company introduced the first new concept car. It was based on the chassis of BMW in 1919. Maybach has released more than a dozen legendary cars.
S Class Mercedes Maybach
Daimler Maybach showed the first car in 1997 at the Auto Salon in Tokyo. It had high hopes. Manufacturers want to beat Rolls-Royce similar and Bentley. But alas, between 2002 and 2012 only 3,000 Maybachs were implemented. The reasons for this phenomenon have been several. The first reason was the use of the old chassis Mercedes Benz S Class. But the main reason is considered obscurity Maybach brand outside Germany. One of the reasons was also the high price.

Let’s go back to the history of a new product. The base of the car is S Class. You can look closely to him from all sides for hours or just a few minutes. And then we can safely conclude – it’s not Mercedes, and a full Maybach. And it’s not a complicated characteristic, but in a special magic, charm so to speak. The total length of the S-Class is 5.454 mm and the wheelbase increased to 3,365 mm, respectively, and the total length of the body, which provides additional storage space of 160 mm rear passengers. Rims special design also redesigned the rear doors and their design, increased radiator. An interesting solution – triangular windows are now part of the door is not, as a body.
S Class Mercedes Maybach
Price of Mercedes Maybach SClass range from 189,350 dollars. When will be start of the sale of the car? Sales start in April this year. What’s new car technical component? It offers 6,0l twin-turbo engine V12, which can develop 523l.s. 612 lb-ft (830 NM) of torque and 390 kW.

Board member of Daimler Ola Källenius said something like that Mercedes-Maybach is a separate carrier majesty and style with an roominess and new high level of comfort than has always been famous for Pullman. Certainly Mercedes-Maybach Pullman is the epitome of exclusivity in its highest sense.

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