Review 2015 – 2016 Mazda 6

Mazda 6 2015 - 2016
Home sales of the updated Mazda 6 sedan and wagon planned in Europe at the beginning of 2015.

Official information and photos Mazda restyling June 2015, provided by the Japanese manufacturer, allow us to understand that global differences in the exterior of the updated model is not necessary to look for (and a similar update survive crossover Mazda CX-5). But against the backdrop of pre-reform version of the Mazda 6 sedan and wagon Mazda 6 Wagon, presented in 2012, the new car looks more refined, and even solid.
Mazda 6 2015 - 2016
In profile, the updated “six” from Mazda can be identified by a darker alloy wheels R19 and antenna “shark fin” on the roof.
At the rear are seeing Corrected marker lamps.
Mazda 6 2015 - 2016
The color scheme of enamels are available for updating the Mazda 6 now has ten options: to the usual two white Arctic White and Snowflake White Pearl, Liquid Silver (silver), Meteor Gray (dark gray), Blue Reflex (blue), Deep Crystal Blue (Blue), Soul Red (bright red), Jet Black (Black), added Sonic Silver Metallic (Silver) and Titanium Flash Mica (brown).

But inside the upgraded Mazda 6 2015-2016 model years of the driver and four passengers is lots of changes and innovations. In the presence of a new front fascia with stylish accents trimmed in leather, ventilation vents and any other form of free-standing on top of the dash 7-inch color touch screen multimedia complex MZD Connect. The center console is unchanged increased in size and acquired a modern air conditioner control unit.
Mazda 6 2015 - 2016
Floor tunnel that separates the front of the cabin was also up and looks more solid, and the most important place of the mechanical parking brake handle now occupies a key electric parking brake. Do not forget the interior layouts and the convenience of the inhabitants of the interior accommodation, upgraded version of Mazda6 get more comfortable front seats and a rear row of seats. Heated seats now available not only for the driver and front passenger, and rear passengers sitting on extreme locations.
Mazda 6 2015 - 2016
Electronics monitors the line marking and automatically taxis in case of unauthorized crossing, following the physical state of the driver and is able to identify the signs of fatigue, control objects in the dead zones mirrors and vehicles on either side of the car.
Another is to add that, thanks to higher-quality sound and noise insulation in the interior updated “six” gets 25% less noise when driving on the highway and 10% less when driving on roads with poor-quality roads, compared to the pre-reform machine.
Specifications updated sedan and Mazda 6 (Mazda 6) and Wagon 2015-2016 model year light undergone modernization, which affected suspension. Installed new shock absorbers for smoother movement in the front suspension lower arm configuration changed. For an updated version of the Mazda 6 diesel Skyactiv-D is now available as an option-wheel drive 4WD.
Mazda 6 2015 - 2016
Petrol engines: Skyactiv-G 2.0 (145 hp) and Skyactiv-G 2.0 (165 hp), Skyactiv-G 2.5 (192 hp). Diesel: Skyactiv-D 2.2 (150 hp) and Skyactiv-D 2.2 (175 hp). For the entire range of engines available 6-speed manual Skyactiv-MT and the machine with 6 stages Skyactiv-Drive.

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