Review 2016 Lexus LX 2016

Lexus LX 2016
The network has already appeared Photo 2016 Lexus LX new generation. The current generation of LX570 is available since 2007. By all accounts the official premiere of the new car to be held in 2015. In this case, it can be purchased already in 2016. Photos distributor has not yet officially introduced, but in social networks already have a discussion about the new Lexus LX 570 2016. Some people visited the polls closed social Toyota, where they were shown a photo. They all agree that the machine will be amazing.
Lexus LX 2016
Photos interior of the new Lexus 570 2015 demonstrate spacious interior. The car will be launched with up to 8 people. The third row can be folded if necessary. This feature will provide 1,160 liters of space for luggage. In modern cars have a lot of options: rear view camera, climate control 4 zones, navigation system, improved multimedia, individual monitors for each passenger; Acoustic generated via the speakers 10, 12-volt outlet for charging electronic devices.

Japanese brand have not invested in the promotion of traditional models of machines, all of his suggestions are highly appreciated in the market and quickly bought. Similarly, an updated 570th model has no plans to advertise loud presentations. Glory SUVs and cars business – class from Lexus is doing its work from year to year. The number of sales increased regularly.
Lexus LX 2016
All competitors Lexus 570 2015 year is not particularly lagging behind in performance and technology are embedded in the car. Despite this, Lexus remains the clear market leader. Rival new Lexus 570 will be Range Rover Sport. In-class off-road vehicles as close to each other. Given the comfort and size of the trunk Lexus leads. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the 570th model. Benefits Lexus LX 570: several reduced fuel consumption, advanced multimedia system; increased engine power. Disadvantages – impaired permeability and large mass. More bad about the car I have nothing to say.

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