Lexus LF – NX 2014 review

New Concept Lexus LF-NX 2014 his appearance caused a storm of positive emotions and enthusiastic exclamations from automotive journalists and visitors to the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013.

Lexus LF-NX 2014 review

Guide Japanese companies have long thought about creating a new crossover and add it to its product arsenal. Not so long ago there was information that a beginner, is destined to become the younger brother of the urban SUV Lexus RX, will be named Lexus NX (premiere production version of the crossover is planned for April 2014). Now the Japanese prototype of the future production model declassified – it was a concept Lexus LF-NX. Apparently, the Japanese subtly hint at a future response models of Range Rover Evoque and the Audi Q5.

Lexus LF - NX 2014 review

Exterior design show car is designed according to the new concept of style all the latest models of Lexus – L-finesse (what they say and caps LF), and looks just like a car spacecraft. Externally, the concept is so unusual and original that it come out in the series right now and it is in this form – from the competition there would be no trace. It is possible to note the presence of a very aggressive traits in the exterior of the car – if narrowed headlamps and stylish flourishes daytime running lights, evil grin spindle grille, huge, massive air collectors, as if cutting-off wings bumper and wheel arches in an exaggerated way. In general, the concept is as if from the solid angles and broken lines, reminding one of the symbols of their homeland – origami.

Lexus LF - NX 2014 review

A riot of broken features, sharp corners, seemingly can not be combined with each other transitions from one body panels in other squares wheel arches and a lot of other elements eventually form a downright phenomenal appearance. So wait, what a fantastic Lexus LF-HX concept like a spaceship instantly slips up and disappears behind the horizon. With regard to some main dimensions of the body concept Lexus LF-NX 2013-2014, in the length of the car is 4640 mm, including 2,700 cm belongs to the wheelbase, width of the body – 1870 mm, height – 1620 mm. More manufacturer information yet articulate in no hurry.


It is not known whether the model will soon rise on the conveyor, and whether it will do in the near future, but it is one thing is clear: if the SUV NX still will mass-produce, then he looks to be the same extraordinary. As for the interior Lexus LF-NX Concept, everything looks more traditional in contrast to the exterior crossover.

Lexus LF - NX 2014 review

Although it was not without some fairly interesting solutions. The quadruple cabin there are elements with metallic trim, seats upholstered in yellow-black skin, in the presence of a new interface Remote Touch, blue backlit instrument panel and touch switch, located on the waterfall center console. Judging only from photographs can say with confidence that the design of the cabin, attention to detail and quality of the interior materials used for finishing the traditionally high level – it’s Lexus.

Lexus LF - NX 2014 review

Specifications: under the hood of the concept, of course, the hybrid installation Lexus Hybrid Drive, consisting of gasoline four-cylinder 2.5-liter, running on the Atkinson cycle, and a powerful electric motor. Serial Lexus NX will be available with a petrol, diesel or hybrid engines. It is interesting that in addition to all-wheel drive crossover is possible in the future to choose and more accessible front-wheel versions, the price of which for those wishing to buy cars novelty is traditionally cheaper.


Apparently, the company through its Lexus concept car LF-NX expects to consolidate its position in the automotive market in Europe. It is no secret that there is the case of the Japanese automaker situation is not the best way.

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