Infiniti Q70 and Infiniti Q70L 2014 – 2015 review

Infiniti Q70 and Infiniti Q70L 2014 - 2015 review
Two new sedan-handsome Infiniti Q70 Infiniti Q70L and the Japanese company Infiniti presented within the Motor Show 2014 in New York.
The modernization of local changes occurred exterior and interior, replaced some suspension parts, chassis got stronger elements, improved e-mail support. The dealer Infiniti Q70 and the US version with the increased size of the wheelbase – Infiniti Q70L arrive in the autumn of 2014.
Infiniti Q70 and Infiniti Q70L 2014 - 2015 review
The reader might ask, was one sedan Infiniti M, how it was two cars? It’s simple, Infiniti Q70 – an updated version, changed his name from M to Q70, and Infiniti Q70L – sedan with a longer wheelbase and overall length of the body (previously only available in the Chinese market).

After the Japanese designers point improvements in the appearance of the model significant change has occurred. However, these design changes have allowed the image of Infiniti’s 70 Ku reach an entirely new level, making it a modern, prestigious, richer and more representative.
Infiniti Q70 and Infiniti Q70L 2014 - 2015 review
Well, if you look at the images of the Infiniti Q70 and Infiniti Q70L 2014-2015 year more specifically, we can see the modified form of the bumper, updated head optics, completely different LED taillights, attractive appearance with a stylish grille mesh pattern, as well as several modified edit the boot lid.
Infiniti Q70 and Infiniti Q70L 2014 - 2015 review
External dimensions of the body of the new Infiniti Q70 2014: 4945 mm long, 1845 mm wide, 1515 mm high, 2900 mm wheelbase, track front and rear wheels – 1575 mm and 1570 mm, respectively, clearance – 145 mm.
Infiniti Q70 and Infiniti Q70L 2014 - 2015 review
Infiniti Q70L 2014 by increasing the size of the wheelbase by 185 mm to 3050 mm with a shared body Dina in 5130 mm. Other dimensions match those of the standard version of the database size.
Drag coefficient of aerodynamic drag of a body of Japanese premium sedan ranges from 0,26 Cx for hybrid modifications to 0,27 Cx in the standard version and 0,28 Cx in the sports version with 5.6-liter V8 rated at 420 forces.
Fitted as standard 245/50 R18 tires on stylish wheels 18 size alloy, as an option you can order tires 245 / 40R20 on the exclusive 20-inch alloy wheels (standard equipment installed on the Sport).

Interior new Infiniti Q70 sedans and Infiniti Q70L 2014-2015 fully correspond to the high premium class model in terms of filling chips provide comfort, safety and entertainment of passengers, as well as on the quality of used materials throughout the interior. Genuine leather and wood inlays in aluminum, high-quality carpet provide the driver and passengers the comfort of home.
Infiniti Q70 and Infiniti Q70L 2014 - 2015 review
It makes no sense to list all the equipment installed in the Japanese sedans Q70 and Q70L … well, if briefly, in the presence of electric front seats with heating and ventilation, heated rear outboard seats, stylish instrument panel with a 7-inch color screen, multimedia system with 8 -th inch touch screen Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System, Bose Studio Surround sound system with 16 speakers, a lot of electronic security systems and assistants.

More than just interesting reserve space and comfort for the passengers in the second row version Infiniti Q70L with increased up to 3050 mm wheelbase. For the feet of seated behind granted 823 mm, so that by adjusting the drive using the optimal slope of the back, you can safely throw a leg over leg and enjoy the journey. Japanese engineers did their best to provide acoustic comfort inside the extended version of Infiniti’s 70 Ku Long, so the noise from the oncoming air stream and the rustle of tires did not penetrate into the interior.

Q70 sedan trunk with standard and extended wheelbase is willing to accept no more than 500 liters of cargo, luggage cover is equipped with electric, fuel tank holds 80 liters of gasoline.
Electronic system Infiniti Q70 sedan will be complemented by a number of innovations in terms of greater security. This intelligent system warning of a frontal collision, the system with all-round visibility and the view from the “bird’s-eye”, helping to safely park the car, as well as an improved system of emergency braking.
Infiniti Q70 and Infiniti Q70L 2014 - 2015 review
Specifications and Infiniti Q70 Infiniti Q70L 2014-2015 are based on
former platform Front Mid-ship (FM), the main feature of which is the installation of the engine behind the front axle closer to the interior of the car, to achieve near-perfect weight distribution. For greater rigidity of the body torsion and bending deformations of the most critical places welded by laser.
Like the previous model of the car Infiniti M, a sedan with a new name Q70 will have rear-wheel drive RWD base set and all-wheel drive AWD for more expensive and powerful versions. The current same restyling had no effect on the suspension design: all the same double wishbones at the front and multi-link independent rear suspension. However, instead of two-piston rear shock absorbers were installed new, reconfiguring the entire suspension was generally aimed at ensuring a smooth running of a sedan. All new items are equipped with wheel ventilated disc brakes. The braking system is supplemented active safety systems EBD and BAS, and anti-lock ABS. Driving by means of rack and pinion steering mechanism.

New models of Infiniti Q70 sedan and Q70L will initially be offered with two powertrains. A little later the company they will make a version with a hybrid power plant.

The first gasoline engine familiar to Russians Infiniti M37 sedan and crossover Infiniti EX37 – it’s 3.7-liter V6 (333 hp 366 Nm).
The second version of 5.6-liter V8 past modernization and eventually received (420 hp 565 Nm).
Hybrid Infiniti Hybrid, which includes a 3.5-liter petrol V6 (302 hp) electric motor 67 forces and lithium-ion batteries. The total output of 360 horsepower installation.

For all engines are basic 7 automatic transmission with manual mode. Available system Infiniti Drive, allowing you to select one of four modes of engine management, transmission and throttle (Standard, Eco, Sport or Snow) to maximize the high technical potential of the premium sedan or fuel economy.

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