Review 2015 – 2016 Honda Civic Type R 2015

Honda Civic Type R 2015
Premiere of Honda Civic Type R 2015-2016 of a new generation took place at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. The original appearance of the new car Honda Civic 2015 Type R is still awaited in 2013. But the Japanese manufacturer in Geneva in 2014, presented only a concept car. As a result, we have a long waiting period, which fortunately are justified! Car surprised front bumper with splitter and large air intakes, extended wheel arches disc diameter of 19cm, the diffuser in the rear bumper with four round tailpipes of the exhaust systema, new grille, side “skirts” wing, additional vents in the front wings. Manufacturer proudly calls the new Honda Civic Taipei P “race car for public roads”.
Honda Civic Type R 2015
Peering into the interior of the Honda Civic Type R in 2016, we see a new steering wheel and gearshift lever, sports seats with improved lateral support, metal plates on the pedals, the modified instrument panel. In the finishing plastic, leather black and red shades. Unfortunately motorists style Honda car lost incredibly stylish rear lights integrated into the rear wing and LED running lights in the front bumper.

Honda Civic 2016 received a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder petrol turboengine capacity of 310 hp VTEC (At 6500 NM) and develops 400 NM already at 2500 rev / min. Thrust is transmitted to the front axle by a 6-speed manual transmission. On acceleration from 0km / h to 100km / h requires only 5.7 sec. Max. Speed – 270 km/h. In the front suspension models fitted separate knuckles, allowed halving the effect of torque steer, compared to the base Civic 5D.
Honda Civic Type R 2015
The goal for the Japanese manufacturer was very serious. They decided to become a producer of the fastest front wheel drive hatchback on the Nordschleife. To do this, they need to get around the main competitor Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy-P. And at the preserves version they succeeded. European sales of Honda Civic Type R will start in summer 2015 Estimated price – € 30 000. The actual cost of the car will be known within.

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