Review 2015 Audi Q7

Audi Q7 2015
Audi Q7 2015-2016, the ambitious claims to be the safest and most economical among the representative line of luxury crossovers. This should contribute to a thorough effort of designers, developers and engineers. Information about the new product is very small. But it is known that the second generation of Audi Q7 will be built on a base MLB group Volkswagen. The new Audi Q7 (second generayion) will be easier to more than 350 kg.

After the presentation of the January car will be supplied to the trading network in the summer of 2015. The price of the second-generation new Audi Q7 will start from 61 thousand EUR. Outer dimensions of the body of the Audi Q7 (second generation) constitute a 1968 mm wide, 5052 mm long, 1740 mm in height, with a 2990 mm wheelbase, 190 mm clearance for the version with conventional suspension. In the presence of the air suspension ride height can be adjusted within the range 90 mm, from a min. of 145 mm to a max. of 235 mm. Drag coefficient of aerodynamic drag of a body – 0.32 Ct.
Audi Q7 2015
Audi Q7 2015
Looking closely to the Q7 2015-2016, it is clear that all the most serious. Here and high status, and drive from the drive. The stern falls off smoothly elegant roof line, made by German car designer strictly and sought. Huge tailgate makes it easy to load in the trunk rather dimensional objects. A large glass door provides a fairly good level of review. Rear bumper, unlike the front, more compact, with original inserts and other light elements with integrated exhaust nozzles.

The car at first will be available with two 3.0-liter turbo engine. Petrol – 333 hp (440 NM) and the diesel – 272 hp and 600 Nm. Both aggregated paired with 8-band gun. Acceleration from zero to a hundred in the first case takes 6.1 seconds, in the second – 6.3 sec., But consumption – only 5.7 l/100 km. We will expect that later in the series will start a 2.0-liter four-cylinder TFSI engine power of 252 hp (370 NM) and the three-liter diesel economical TDI ultra, which develops 218 forces and 500 NM of torque. But even more economical hybrid modification will Q7 e-tron quarto.

Audi Q7 second generation – a strictly exterior, stylish and comfortable inside, with a lot of innovative technical solutions.

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